Welcome to our family

Hello, welcome to our Island of Boa Vista and thank you very much for choosing Cape Verde as your Holidays destinations, which we believe it will be one of your best if not the best…

Me, Evandro Lima and Bobs (Ivaldo Brito), both Cape Verdeans but from distints island, Bobs from Santo Antão and me from São Vicente, we decided to invest in Boa Vista creating our own company Brimatours in 2012. We always felt at home here but as well we respect a lot this place because this is the island of our parents.

Brimatours it’s a happy mix of 2 families, our goal is to show you the beauty of this island in a fun, comfortable and safe way which you will never forget. Boa Vista is special by itself with the magnificent beaches, wonderful sand dunes, unbelievable deserts and landscapes, caves and reefs that provides but you will as well get impressed with its people, culture and tradition. That the product we offer.

Boavista plan
boavista paradise