Something a little more fun!

BoaVista Spearfishing Trip

This island is blessed with so many species of fish within its beautiful reefs which are located all around the coast.

For those who really enjoy fishing this is the place they are looking for! From a small Grouper to a big Tuna or Blu Marlin, you just need to choose which one you want!

Spearfishing is maybe the best way of catching a fish because it is a game between you, the gun and the fish! It’s also the one that requires experience, and that is why we only do it if we know you are able to. Because we are sure about the catching that’s why we will have next a barbecue with the fish you catch at lunch time.

After lunch, relax a bit and then fishing with the stick down the beach, yes its FISHING DAY.

Of course, our fisherman Bobs is a professional and he will provide all information you need, briefing you before you get inside the ocean.

  • Duration of the Catching is about 4 hours
  • Services includes:

  • Snorkeling, lunch (fish you catch), Fishing
  • Transfer from/to the hotel
  • All equipment provided
  • Local Guide
  • Price per person: 85€ (Adult only)
  • Number of persons: 6 max